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The screaming of thousands of fans filled my heart with exciment. I held the guitar with both hands, my heart racing, like a horse, non-stop. I could hear my own breathing over the thousands of yelling fans. The curtains raused and so did the screaming. The lights flashing on and off over us, signifing the start of another great concert. My blood rushed to my hands as I strummed the first few chords of our hit song. The booming bass and screaching guitars blended perfectly with the voice of the fans. I approached the microphone to start singing and smirked in content.
I opened my eyes as my alarm buzzed loudly. "Get your behind out of there" I heard my mom screamed as she slammed the door of my room. I sighed and slammed my fist against the pillow. "Not again" I said sitting down on the edge of the bed, cracking every bone possible. "Ian!" mom yelled. "Coming!" was my equally loud answer. It was all a dream, again. I picked my shirt off the floor and put it on while walking to
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This is Not a Happy Event
This is Not a Happy Event
The slamming doors and distant word-bombs marked the start of another everyday hatred concert in my house. "Don't you dare touch me young lady" my mother yelled at Catty, my older sister, whom had a constant, everyday fight with my mother for as long as I have memory. "Whatever" I heard Catty yell, stomping her way up-stairs. "Go rot in your grave woman" Catty said, slamming her door, signifing that her part in this concert was over. "Young man get down here" my father's voice boomed inside and through the house. "What you want?" Steven yelled back at him. "Get down here" dad responded and Steven answered with a word-bomb and that way they kept it, Steven said one, then dad said another.
At all this I'm in my room, under the covers, trying to drown the sounds of war and creating my own little world. After a few more minutes I felt like I was listening to some heavy metal rock band. Everything quiet down as soon as I closed my eyes to sleep. It always did, as i
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I Should've Listen
I Should've Listen
I collapsed on my bed and grabbed my hair asif I were to pull it all in one simple tug. Which was what I wanted to do at the moment. How could I let this happen? Suddenly a whole weight of guilty, regret and nasuea washed over me, I was starting to get sick.  "Listen to me" my mom's voice appeared in my head, like a ghost of some sort, hunting me and making feel even worst than I already did, reminding me of my mistake and my curse. "Mom, please, nothing's gonna happen, I know what I'm doing" was my simple reply to her long lecture a couple days ago.
From tears it turned into sobs, quiet ones. "Just drink it" my friend's voice entering the conversation in my brain, if one can even call it that. "I would preffer if you didn't go" my mom's voice kept at it, like a broken record of our past converstation. "Oh please mom, what's the worst that can happen?" if only I knew back then.
My quiet sobs turned into heart-thearing screams of pain, pulling my heart, conf
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The List Of So Called Friends
1-Loreta X
2- Richard X
3- Stuart X
4- Casie X
5- Raul X
6- Laura X
7- Liz X
8- Princeton X
... and the rest. An endless list of "friends". It was my party and I was deciding who to invite, but as you could see it wasn't as easy as you think. 78 names later and no such luck. I skipped to the end of the list.
234- Dexter =P
He was nice, cute and simple. I remember the day I met him, I was crying near the Cafe at the mall, I had realized I couldn't trust on my so called friends (for reference see the list above). He came out of his work place and sat beside. "Harsh reality huh?" he said smiling. "What do you know?" I asked between sobs, "more than you think actually". As words sinked in I realize why he said it. Me and my group had always made fun of him, because he was different and well, weird. Not until this day did I knew the difference. He went to the Cafe were he worked at and brought me cookies, later he took me to the movies. We saw the childish movie there was but it cheered me
:iconkitty-chan93:Kitty-chan93 2 1
   I reached for her soft, white hand but she pulled away. Mama's been acting so weird lately. She started crying silently, "mama" I screached jumping from my chair and running to her. "Get away" she screamed making me come to halt. Her face was red, like the blood I felt spilling from my heart, as I felt like if an invisible knife had stabbed it. "You monster" she spit, like an angry dragon in the medieval times. "Babe" dad called her getting up, the golden necklace I gave him hitting his chest. As long as the necklace was on him I knew I was still part of this family.
"Don't babe me" she yelled, her delicate features changing to those of the ugly witches in my story books. "This demon has killed my son" she yelled pointing at me. I was still in place, my heart bleeding but my face rigid. I ran upstairs to my room and cried myself to sleep. Something woke me up, a tiny voice asked "is he the one?" and two glowing orbs of light entered t
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Forest of Hell :iconfirechic86:FireChic86 4 8
Inside a Panda's Dream by CyberLogic Inside a Panda's Dream :iconcyberlogic:CyberLogic 796 297 In God's Eyes by ForestHymn In God's Eyes :iconforesthymn:ForestHymn 379 8 Lovers by TheCrownTrickster Lovers :iconthecrowntrickster:TheCrownTrickster 39 43 John L. Cooper Stamp II by acww-freak08 John L. Cooper Stamp II :iconacww-freak08:acww-freak08 99 17 Skillet by darkri97 Skillet :icondarkri97:darkri97 39 12
NPLI ch:1 pg:2
“When we arrived the whole family had been shredded beyond recognition.  Or so we thought. As we searched the house, we found his younger brother inside a closet. At first he didn’t want to come out and just sat there with a weird expression on his face. We thought about bringing him with us,” as this was said I saw Rayborn start to tense up,” but he snapped out of it, came out of the closet, and just started crying. We tried asking him questions, but he wouldn’t answer them all. We’ll be going back in a few days.” As this was said Rayborn seemed to relax and then Stacey asked “What question did he answer.” “He tried telling us that Rayborn wasn’t normally like this, that the were having family issues and stuff like that and to not take him away. But I wouldn’t believe that someone like him would ever have had been sane, and I most certainly didn’t plan on leaving him with that little kid. “We left him at h
:iconmidnight-fox95:midnight-fox95 1 0
NPLI ch:1 pg:1
   While we walked in silence towards the front door, I decided to look around. It did not look like what I expected an asylum to appear like. In fact, it actually looked more like an academy. They were some people outside dressed in white, I’m guessing the patients, and other is black with blue designs, whom I think were the workers. There weren’t any fences around the buildings as well. Any passer-by would mistake it for a private collage.
   As we went through the front door, I saw the inside looked half like a collage and half like what I imagined it would look like. There was a lady sitting at a desk near the front and when she saw us coming took out a pen and some paper.  “Okay, what are their stories?” she said. Her nameplate read Stacy and she had a somewhat nasal voice, which truly annoyed me.
    The guard nearest me, a boy who appeared to be around my age with chocolate brown hair tippe
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Npli :Prolouge
Saturday March 25th 9:15am
    My name is Miyako Harataki. I am sixteen years old with long raven colored hair, pale blue eyes and dimples. My skin is fair and I’m only five feet tall barely reaching most of my friend’s chins but that didn’t bother them. Nothing actually did. At least… not until that day.
   In all honesty it happened so quickly that no one saw it coming…the day I snapped. One moment I was ecstatic. I don’t really know why I was happy though. But whatever the reason, someone must have said something that I thought would take away my happiness. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that whoever it was is now dead. I can’t remember what actually happened or even who had been there. The only thing that comes to mind when I think about it is the change from my emotions from excitement and ecstasy to fear and rage. That’s why I’m in this van on my way to Folie Academy, institute for the i
:iconmidnight-fox95:midnight-fox95 1 8
The Promise
                The Promise
  Barrenness, nothingness, blackness,
             Vast wilderness.
            Thirst and hunger,
              Longing for You,
  O break my drought and darkness.
             An unowned thought,
                       A word.
              Seed I did not plant,
                 A kernel of hope,
:icontivarah:Tivarah 13 25
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1. Dear girl I hate,
You talked junk because you wanted, I never did anything to you but tell you the truth... so if it burned you I'm not sorry at all.

2. Dear boy I love
I miss you more than I could imagine and sometimes I wish that maybe, just maybe you would see how much you mean to me.

3. Dear bestfriend
I love you with all my heart, thank you for everything

4. Dear ex-bestfriend
I regret trusting you blindly as much as I regret losing you.

5. Dear stalker
Leave me alone before I dial 911

6. Dear famous person that I adore
You're lyrics had struck me and amazed for years. Your ways inspire me and your voice is just simply amazing. You are my role model Amy Lee.

7. Dear people I'd like to start talking to
I'm like super shy and I take super long to make a first move, sometimes I rather just look weird and quiet... I'll try to push myself and talk but if I don't a hi wouldn't hurt. :D

8. Dear past me
I don't really know what to say, I'm still confused on which one is the real me at times. Whether you were or I am, I say that I'm glad I took a risk of change.

9. Dear future me
There will be times where you might feel like dying and people have already labeled you and your life has been drawn on a map for you. So just try to keep away from that and hold on tight so you don't fall off the ride ok?

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